Magnetic USB Charger For "Smart Phone" AMAZING Product || AliExpress || low price - 9$

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    Product Details :
    Type Charger
    Plug USB
    Charging Cell Type Lithium Ion
    Compatible 18650,26650,14500,16340,14650,17670,10440,18700,18350,18500,18490,25500,22650,17500,10340,17355,10350
    Input Voltage DC 5V
    Output Voltage DC5V
    Input Current 1000mA
    Output Current 1000mA
    Dimension and Weight
    Product weight 0.0210 kg
    Package weight 0.0460 kg
    Package size (L x W x H) 15.00 x 9.00 x 2.00 cm / 5.91 x 3.54 x 0.79 inches
    Package Contents
    Package Contents 1 x Charger
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