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Best 10 Earphones Under 20$ (Top 10 earphones from Aliexpress)

  • Best 10 Earphones Under 20$ (Top 10 earphones from Aliexpress)
    Blitzwolf BW ES1: c.cpl7.ru/kp4b
    TRN V20: bit.ly/2WaM87r
    Urbanfun Hybrid: bit.ly/2JoZpI3
    KZ ED9: bit.ly/2JoZpI3
    KZ ES3: bit.ly/2WaM87r
    KZ ZS5: bit.ly/2JoZpI3
    QKZ X41M: c.cpl7.ru/kp4b
    GGMM C300: bit.ly/2JoZpI3
    KZ ED15: bit.ly/2OeZ7T0
    QKZ KD3: bit.ly/2JoZpI3
    Blitzwolf BW ES1: Earphones using graphene offer superb frequency response. The reason for this is down to the graphene diaphragm’s simplicity: Most diaphragms/cones must be dampened to prevent undesirable frequency responses, graphene requires no dampening. This is because graphene is so strong that the diaphragm can be incredibly thin — and thus very light. Instead of being artificially dampened, the graphene diaphragm is dampened by the air itself. Graphene is also very energy efficient which leads to reduced power consumption.
    TRN V20: After the disappointing V10, TRN have done their homework and realized that 'more drivers' doesn't necessarily mean 'better sound'. The new V20 are a typical dual-driver hybrid earphones, and yet a properly made one too. The V20 are one of the best-sounding and most ballanced earphones in my collection, and when considering their price, it's a must-have bargain.
    Urbanfun Hybrid: The highly praised URBANFUN Hi-Fi did not disappoint! They may look ordinary and not impressive externally (and the Exclusive bundle isn't that cheap), but they hide some of the best drivers you can find for a budget price! If electronic music is not your main thing, and you enjoy more vocal-oriented or even some "lighter" metal music, these will do wonders for you!
    KZ ED9: A brilliant sound quality, well defined across the whole frequency range.
    Excellent volume levels even without amplification.
    The ability to use different filters for different sound signatures.
    An excellent build quality.
    KZ ES3: Excellent level of clarity and sharpness of detail.
    Detachable cable, which extends the lifespan of these earphones.
    KZ ZS5: Unbelievably detailed sound quality.
    Extremely deep sub-bass response.
    Performs exceptionally good even on weak sources, like a smartphone.
    Detachable cable, which extends the lifespan of these earphones.
    QKZ X41M: Boomy and powerful sound, perfect for electronic music. Robust and premium looking housing, with magnetic adsorption.
    The remote has support for both legacy and modern mobile phones.
    GGMM C300: Ergonomic design and aerospace aluminum material
    Brilliantly engineered with tianium driver unit
    3.5MM audio stereo plug to reduce sound loss
    The flat anti-tangle cord consist of 110 OFC wires with kevlar
    1-button in-line metal remote to control the volume, music and calling
    Includes replaceable ear tips S/L/M
    KZ ED15: KZ HiFi music in-ear earphones with microphone.
    Precise dynamic driver, burst out unexpected energy
    With rigorous formula to calculate the precise performance of each frequency band
    Advanced sound insulation technology allows you to prevent external noise interference
    QKZ KD3: Quality optimization of exclusive patent, metal composite vibrating membrance. The ergonomic design, nipple grade silicone ear muffs. Ear and tail pipe connection with oblique angle design, comfortable and easy to wear. It has high quality sound, enjoy your life.
    If you want really good quality, you must also have a device that has a good sound card, because if you use a device with bad sound card, the sound will be bad, even with these good earphones.
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