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  • ❤ BIG Aliexpress Gelpolish Haul ❤
    Since my last aliexpress gel haul, or actually my first gel haul ever, I got lots of feedback on what brands are really good and affordable and most of all safe to use. So I looked around a bit and found a ton of gorgeous shades :D
    I bought all items myself and am not sponsored in any way to make these videos :) The mermaid nail art design I am wearing in this video is already recorded as a tutorial and scheduled in to upload soon!
    Thanks so much for watching! ❤
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    x femketje
    snap: femketjenl
    ❤ Intro music is from Dyalla. Do check out her channel because she makes some awesome remixes from older songs ❤
    #nailmail #aliexpress #gelpolish

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