Aliexpress Platform shoe unboxing / review

  • Hi guys! I decided to do this quick little mini review + unboxing of these shoes from aliexpress. I'm not used to these kind of videos so sorry if everything is all over the place and if I missed anything! If you have any questions I can try to answer anything in the comments!
    Now onto the post filming updates! ::;
    I have worn these outside the house a few times and I feel like maybe I actually did order a size too big, maybe just half a size. Maybe I could have ordered what I usually wear, but it's too late for that! I think they are wearable and I have gotten used to the awkward feeling on the inside while walking, but I can only wear them for short amounts of time because they start to hurt my feet. Overall for less than $20 I'm pretty happy with my purchase, they're not perfect but nice for the price.
    here's the exact link I ordered from for anyone interested...they have a lot of different variations of these shoes!

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