aliexpress haul - mostly beauty product Beauty blender, Eyelashes, Lippies, Eyeliner, Brow pencil

  • hi,
    here is a aliexpress haul 'unboxing' but i already opened the products hihih
    i tried my best to list the sellers down here with the price:
    1- Ben Nye luxury powder 1.5oz - Store name: Brand Makeup Factory 10.57$us
    2- 100 Gum Double-Side Adhesive Balloon Tape Sticks - seller store:COM Package 0.76$us
    3- 12pcs Waterproof Lip Liner Pencil Store name: Shenzhen YKS Ltd. 3.84$us
    Store name China Super Seller:
    4- beauty blender 0.95$us
    5- 5 Pairs Eye Lashes Extension 1.13$us
    6- pink liquid eyeliner - 1.01$us
    7- Black Liquid Waterproof eyeliner 0.98$us
    8- Eyebrow Eye Brow Pencil & Brush Makeup 1.21$us
    9- Natural Konjac Konnyaku Facial Soft Puff Face Washing Cleansing Sponge - seller store Ella's personal store 1.06$us
    10- 60Pcs Bobby Pins 1.22$us
    11- long Cross Handmade Extension False Eyelashes Cosmetic - Store name: China 0.48$us
    I bought everything with my money and it was FREE SHIPPING.
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