Aliexpress Haul | ColourPOP Eyeshadows (DUPES)

  • Hey GlammSta's!!! This is my first of many Aliexpress hauls, that I plan to do on my channel. A lot of ppl on Snapchat requested this. Let me know what you think. Some ppl hate these types of videos and others love them. I'm in the middle right now. But either way thumb up if you liked the video. And don't forget to subscribe!!!!
    *They're dupes lol duh
    *one did come shattered
    *shipping was a bit slow over 2 weeks
    *they only offered about 10 colors
    the colors are pretty spot on except for one (i forget which)
    very pigmented
    applied smoothly
    VERY CHEAP (as in price) under $2 each
    Overall nothing beats the original ones. Colourpop is smoother, more pigmented and made in a quality controlled environment.
    The dupes are pretty impressive but idk about the quality control. But I know some ppl don't mind opting for the dupes, so if that's you then this video will help you
    Link to products
    To get the best quality, make sure you....
    Watch in 1080 HD!!!
    LET'S BE BFF'S!!! (Beat Face Friends) lol Just made it up!! Don't take that!!!
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