• YesStyle Review // YesStyle Haul // EXPECTATION VS REALITY SHOPPING HAUL // Was Mia Maples right??
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    All items & timestamps listed below!!!
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    THANK YOU SO MUCH YESSTYLE FOR GIFTING ME THESE ITEMS! This is not a paid endorsement - all opinions are my own. I am an affiliate for YesStyle, and make a small commission on sales, however I do not let this influence the way I review the products.
    I'm so excited about this YesStyle Haul! I was given a $500 USD budget to spend on Yes Style, and I was overwhelmed with the amount of cute, pink, kawaii, aesthetic, pastel, cheap clothing items. I bought a range of items that you guys asked me to review, including Japanese/Korean style sweaters, dresses and skirts, phone cases, accessories and even an amazing prom dress. I think you'll be pretty surprised by what you see.
    This is a huge haul, so here’s hoping it does as well as the YesStyle hauls from Mia Maples and Kimdao ;)
    Keep an eye out for my AliExpress haul that is coming out soon, and I’m even considering doing a YesStyle Prom Dress Haul too!
    All sizes I ordered are below. For reference, I wear an Australian size 6 (US size 2).
    You can use the discount code "PRETTYPASTEL" between now and September 6th 2018 to score 10% off your order!
    Items Mentioned:
    Pom Pom Earrings 3:32
    Lamb Hoodie 4:21
    (I ordered a Size M)
    Pink Turtleneck 7:05
    (One Size)
    Purple Bag 8:38
    Chuu Strawberry Milk Tee 10:09
    (One Size)
    Love Heart Belt 11:02
    (One Size)
    Strawberry phone case 12:12
    (available for iphone 6S / 6S Plus / 7 / 7 Plus / 8)
    Love Heart Phone Case 12:33
    (available for iPhone 6 / 6 Plus / 7 / 7 Plus / 8 / 8 Plus / X)
    Strawberry Milk Knitted Turtleneck 13:01
    (One Size)
    Peach Tee 14:20
    (I ordered a size XL)
    Love Heart Colour Block Tee 15:38
    (I ordered a size S)
    Pink Rainbow Sweater 16:12
    (One Size)
    Peach Jelly Purple Sweater 18:25
    (One Size)
    Peach Stripe Tee Shirt 20:08
    (One Size)
    Pineapple Skirt 23:38
    The one I ordered is this one:
    I can’t find a link for the Pineapple skirt that I was sent!
    Black Strap Slit Skirt 24:37
    (I ordered a size S)
    Peach Denim Skirt 26:15
    (One Size)
    White Sweet Sequin Embroidered Dress 28:00
    (I ordered a size S)
    Short Pink Pinnafore 30:31
    (I ordered a size S)
    Gingham Off The Shoulder Dress 32:15
    (One Size)
    Floral Pink Ball Gown Prom Dress 34:05
    (I ordered a size S)
    Gingham Tulle Dress 41:34
    (One Size)
    Denim Overall Dress 43:50
    (I ordered a size M)
    Love Heart Tank Top Dress 48:43
    (One Size)
    The above links are affiliate links - you won’t pay extra for the items, but the small commission I make will help support our channel!

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