How to import reviews from Aliexpress to woocommerce using Wooshark

  • How to import reviews to woocommerce using wooshark ? Are you dropshipping using woocommerce and wordpress ? you want to Import reviews to give a social proof to people and encourage them to buy the product. you can use wooshark aliexpress dropshipping solution. It allows you to import reviews in a very easy way.
    get the chrome extension from here
    Once you have the wooshark chrome extension installed, you can start importing products to woocommerce. Wooshark allow you to
    import and create new reviews very easy, when you open the customization modal, you can see that the first 10 reviews are already loaded,.
    You edit the loaded reviews. You can edit the review content, the publisher name, the publising date and the rating.
    The user can also add new reviews. He can define his own review conent, choose the publishing date and define the reviewer name.
    Install wooshark Aliexpress dropshipping extension
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