Review of Aliexpress Blue Chrome Clear Stamper & Halloween Plate + Knockoff Plate Rant DIY

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    I placed a massive order from the Aliexpress app last month (the first time I’d ever ordered from AE) & all of my new pretties are rollin’ in. For this vid, I’m only gonna review the blue chrome clear stamper (the stamper that drew me into AE in the first place. It’s so gorgeous & I love it so much!) and plate Cooi 004, an adorable Halloween/skulls themed stamping plate.
    The quality of the plate is superb, and the stamper picks up & transfers FLAWLESSLY.
    I ordered the stamper on June 9 & it arrived on June 25, so barely more than two weeks delivery time for that baby. The stamper head measures 3.8cm, comes with a small plastic scraper & cost me $2.79.
    I ordered the plate on June 24 & it was delivered on July 6, so less than three weeks delivery on that. The plate measures 6cm x 12cm, does not have a plastic backing & cost me $.94. Make sure you let the seller know which specific plate/plates you want them to send you.
    Do NOT pay $9-10 for this amazing stamper from other sites or indie shops. That’s just ridiculous.
    Just a coupla quick notes about Aliexpress:
    1) They don’t accept paypal, so you’ll need to order with a credit card.
    2) The app offers larger discounts than those available on the website, so I recommend shopping via the app.
    3) Any communication that I had with the sellers was quick & courteous, but we aware that English is *not* their first language. But bless their hearts, they try. Lol
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