Chinese Fake Taylor K24CE Aliexpress 4 years after unboxing

  • This Chinese copy (or fake, counterfeit) Taylor K24CE unboxing video has recently proved very popular on my channel with a surge in viewings. As it has not been out and used for some time, this prompted me to get it out and revisit it for you.
    I go over the specifications again as well as what has happened to it in the four years since I bought it.
    The guitar was bought in the era after I discovered that you could pay extra to have all trademark infringements removed and your own custom logo put on instruments from China.
    This was bought in April 2015 from Aliexpress although the store has long since closed to drop poor feedback scores. The guitar is solid Koa with mahogany neck and rosewood fretboard and bridge. The logo inlay is mother or pearl and the nut and saddle sadly just plastic. This electro-acoustic guitar includes a B-band transducer electronic pickup built in and we compare this to the ambient sound of the guitar when mic'd with a Sennheiser MHK 8060 shotgun condenser microphone. All recording was done using the focusrite scarlet 8i6 3rd generation.
    Thanks for watching and take good care folks! You have but one life - live and enjoy it. Peace :o)
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