Unpacking AliExpress Baseball caps (Unboxing)

  • Unpacking AliExpress Baseball caps (Unboxing)
    0:01 Hello! I bought two Baseball caps on the website AliExpress.com
    0:04 And two weeks later I received a parcel from China.
    0:08 A packing was a little torn.
    0:13 I think It must have been torn by some curious postman
    0:17 to find out what's in the package.
    0:27 I unpack the parcel.
    0:33 And there are two caps in a transparent bag, packed with a package with pimples.
    0:37 This package is whole and none did not open it.
    0:52 I cut the package.
    1:04 There are 2 caps and a surprises.
    1:07 This is a small surprise gift from the seller.
    1:12 Red ribbon on the hand in protect of the evil eye and spoilage :D.
    1:17 I bought two caps blue-white and green-white colors.
    1:21 Caps has got a mesh for better ventilation from the heat.
    1:25 There are inscriptions from threads on the baseball cap
    1:34 The size of the headgear can be changed.
    1:42 There is a decor on the visor.
    1:46 I think baseball caps are not bad in generally.
    1:50 They are worth their money and shipment.
    2:02 Country of origin is People's Republic of China.
    2:08 Here is the kind of these baseball caps on the site.
    2:15 As you can see the photos are real and the goods correspond to the description.
    2:19 If you want to buy the same, then I leave the link in the description under this video.
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