Unboxing of my fursuit, Ahkara!

  • F.A.Q.-
    Q: Where can I buy a costume like this?
    A:This is a fursuit, I like to call it a wearable piece of artwork. Each fursuit is unique to the person who owns it and while there are some artists who make fursuits just to sell them, most, like mine, are commissioned pieces of artwork and are not to be copied. As I have the rights to my character, Ahkara, whom I created and drew the design for myself- just like Disney owns Mickey Mouse.
    If you'd like to look into buying a suit without having to make your own character I suggest looking at furbuy.com or thedealersden.com
    I will warn you though that most high quality ones at $3,000 and up because they are custom costumes made with high quality materials and made by artists with a lot of work and skill put into them. They are not something you buy as a Halloween costume. They are an investment and have specific care needs as well.
    Q: Did you make your suit? Can you help me make mine??
    A: No...and no. But I can link you to this helpful tutorial on how to make a fursuit head. youtu.be/ntf5o3qYw-4?list=PLe5_suiRzgjzjXdAoeRvKz9AufQeEq9Aq (this playlist has 8 videos, showing every step right from the beginning to end of making a head and is what I would use if I were to ever make my own head)
    Q: Who made your suit?
    A: Dandylions LLC made my suit. It was a commission of my character, Ahkara, whom I created. I own the rights to her and her costume design.
    Q: How much did she cost you?
    A: Roughly $2,600 USD or, thanks to wonderful Canadian dollars, $3,000 CAN for me.
    Q: Where is this mall? (for the Fursuiting at a Mall video)
    A: Sorry, I'd rather you not know where I live :P If you do know, good for you! But the sign says what mall it is, get crackin Sherlock!
    Q: Song when you were dancing?
    A: Timmy Trumpets - Freaks (Original Edit)
    The beginning is kinda...well...sorry XD
    There were way more people than i was expecting...there was only suppose to be about 4 people but they told others lol
    I seem less excited than I am cause of the extra people I wasn't expecting to have to let into my room and I was kinda nervous/embarrassed. Trust me though I was squeeing on the inside!
    Made by DandyLionsLLC, here is Ahkara!

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