UnBoxing Mail is Always a Mystery and a Surprise in the Philippines | Ep. 4

  • We are UnBoxing today.
    Unboxing is always a Mystery and a Surprise in the Philippines. Since it is October, we are UnBoxing our October Mail and Preparing for Halloween... on My Filipino Life!
    Getting mail in the Philippines is much different than the USA. In the USA, the mail is delivered to your house (unopened). In the Philippines, we must go to the Philippines Post Office with a valid ID card, and request our mail. We also need to pay a fee if we have packages being sent to us.
    Also, Packages delivered to the Philippines take a long time to get delivered if you order from a place like Amazon, or Lazada, or OLX, or AliExpress.
    Today, you will see that we have lots of packages to unbox.
    Since this is the Month of October, Halloween is the theme. So we are getting costumes, gimmicks, and travel ware.
    A popular costume that is loved by the Filipino is the Onsie (aka Footy Pajamas). We ordered lots of them for family and friends. Watch the video and see them in full costume.
    We do the unboxing on our front patio because the natural lighting is good, we like the sea breeze, and we love the ocean view.
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