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    So, i have never ordered a custom before and i didn't want to try a family photo up front, so i sent in 2 images i wanted made for the Christmas season and this is the result.
    Moge is a fairly new company and i get the feeling they drop ship but their prices are really good for those on a budget. I am very impressed that they offer poured glue kits! Not many like the poured glue but i love it. I love the slightly runny drill field because it allows for re-positioning.
    Only 1 kit had the glue running off the drill field. I used a small brush and some talc powder to defuse that.
    For a new company i think they have great potential. The kits are nice, they flattened out great. No rivers, no bubbles. Wish they had DMC codes and inventory sheet but having 2 legends words and the print is clear and easy to understand. So i would certainly be shopping here again when finances allow.
    Find Moge on AliExpress here:
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