Legit Chinese Graphics Cards? Hands on with the Yeston 3GB GTX 1060

  • "Made in China" is something that's seen in a lot of products, and most people are okay with it. It sometimes carry a negative connotation, and really depends on the product. For cheaper and lower tech items it's not that big of a deal. Even things like generic action cameras and other mainstream electronics from China are generally accepted and sometimes quite popular. But what about higher end PC components? Like the GPU? I got a chance to check out a GPU from Yeston, a brand based in China I've never heard of. There is virtually no coverage of any of these cards online. Note, these are still Nvidia GPUs, the manufactures just equip it with custom coolers, PCBs, clock profiles, etc. I tested the Chinese card and compared it to an equivalent card I've used from one of the big US based brands. This video summarizes my findings and thoughts. Would you ever consider a Chinese GPU?
    Higher resolution images of the PCB:
    The Yeston 3GB GTX 1060 at Banggood :
    Banggood has provided a coupon code: 8c3d78
    Yeston Official Website:
    ***The GPU in this video was provided by Banggood for review. No review direction has been given for this video, all opinions given are my own. Link provided to product is non-affiliated and no monetary compensation has been or will be received from Banggood.***
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